Herd Headwear
Get yer Herd on!

Herd Headwear is born and bred in Whistler, B.C Canada. Headwear traces way back and its hard to say when the first animal skin was put on ones head as protection against the elements, one thing is certain; those first people to wear dead animals on their heads soon realized that covering your scalp could be somewhat of an advantage. Since then headwear has evolved a whole lot, but the basic principal has remained the same: cold weather + headwear = happiness.

As we all know, finding the perfect headwear can be one hell of a mission! Herd has taken the ancient knowledge of covering your scalp with a dead animal and combined it with the French Canadian style "toque" to create a whistler piece of greatness, not only warm but also very, very good looking.

Have u herd.